NASDU Approved Search Dogs

NASDU approved security guard dogs in Derbyshire

Passive and Proactive drugs dogs offer a proactive approach to counter drug activity in Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Licensed premises, businesses and all manner of events.
We work with our clients to create safer environments.

We can provide both Passive detection dogs (for queues or crowd control) and Proactive (for offices, nightclubs, warehouses etc)

Proactive and passive detection dogs

These are some examples of sectors that can be protected:
  • Land Estates
  • Farms
  • Coal Mines
  • Film Locations
  • Quarries
  • Development sites
  • Stately & Country Homes
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Events
  • Marquee Events
  • Weddings
  • Personal Escorts
  • VIP Events
  • Public sector (UK)
  • Corporate sector
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dog security

Why choose dog security?

All Security dogs and Handlers used by Keepsafe Security Services Ltd are NASDU qualified. Security dogs are the most effective way to protect people and property. The senses used by the dogs are superior to humans in the fact they can scent human scent and track it long before a static guard would know there was anyone around, they are also a visual deterrent and can be more effective than 4 static guards as they can search buildings and large areas quickly and efficiently. Their scent, sight and hearing is vastly advanced compared to ours. Whilst a static guard has no protection, security dogs are there to protect their handler and any property and premises. We offer a 24 hour service for both static and mobile Dog Patrols.
Drug search dogs

Drug search dogs

Guard and patrol Dogs security services with highly trained dog handler guards, qualified to NASDU standards. Dog services have extensive experience in executive protection and continues to provide a wide range of protective services to corporate businesses, celebrities and other persons at risk.
To get NASDU approved guard dogs and trained dog handlers in Derbyshire, call Keepsafe Security Services Ltd on 01773 603 453
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